Monday, 17 December 2007

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KITT Is Back

The sophisticated car, Knight Rider, is back. In the TV serial during 1982-1986 David Hasselhoff as the movie star, the name of the car is KITT (Knight Industries Two Thousand) as the result from the modification of Pontiac Trans Am. Now, in the new version of that TV serial, the car is replaced with Mustang Shelby GT500KR 2008 the production of giant car producer in the USA, Ford.

Although its name is still KITT, the long form was change to become Knight Industries Three Thousand. This TV serial will be shown in February 2008. Michael Knight (David Hasselhoff) already replace with Michael Tracer (Justin Bruening) as the prominent actor. Michael Tracer is the long lost son of Michael Knight. New voice of KITT will be fills by Will Arnett.

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